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A "god" who is betrayed by its created. Greed consumes them both, but only one at a time. A mystical Light brings warnings and tries to help the delver to her world so the Loop can be destroyed. Discover her message. Heed her warnings. Defeat your "God".

Bleak Features:
  • Faith Meter that, once filled, will give you health
  • Keepers whom protect Gems
  • a God
  • A Set based perma-death (Set = set of levels)
  • 6 Sets, but dozens of levels
  • Enemies... (Lots)
  • Corpse hats

Inspired by Downwell and The Binding of Isaac. Two amazing games created by two amazing developers! 

Controls: WSAD for movement, Arrow keys for shooting, Enter to select/proceed with text, Esc for pausing (still buggy, so watch out for that) NEW: Controller support is in~ Analog sticks and X/A to jump! 


#1: So Corpse Hats are something I've played around with from the very start, but never figured out how to properly use them... There will be different hats that give you different buffs, currently there is only the Taunter C.H. which gives you a little shield for one free damage, after that you'll have to get a new one. More to come soon though! 

#2: ALL CORPSE HATS: We got your Plops, Taunters, and your Bats. Plops will allow you to walk through spiked hazards (spikes on the ground/walls/ceilings, and spike blocks), Taunters will give you a shield (described above), and Bats will give you some...*flappy* movements... FULL CONTROLLER SUPPORT: Start/Select were added as well as X/A to progress conversations. FULLSCREEN: I've had this in for a bit, but just now made if full-full screen all the time. For now, you will have to press Select (touchpad on PS4) or Shift to exit full-screen in order to actually close the game out. When the pause menu is completed, this will change. Have fun! (Disregard due to update #3)

#3: Pause Menu and adjustments with the controller in Menus. I have planned to release one more update to the demo, then that's it! After that, the demo will be completed and you'll just have to wait for the final release to play anymore! 

#4 **Final Update** Gravity and pausing bugs are all resolved! General level tweaks to enhance player experience. Also bigger bullets! It's strange how much a slightly bigger bullet changes things.. unless there are bugs I'm missing, this is the last update for the Demo!! Have fun guys! 

#5 (I LIED): I've decided to make a huge change to the games levels and layouts, meaning I had to rebuild all the levels for the 5th time! :D There's some huge changes coming, the first update today is about half of what I want it to be, super premature, but I am eager to get some feedback.


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