The End is Coming!

Bleak will still be ready for a September release, most likely in the end of the month. I still have a few more sets left to complete, but the game is getting better and better! I've added quite a few new things and I think you all will really enjoy Bleak when it fully releases....speaking of, the demo is available right now! The demo contains the first 2 sets and 7 levels and around a dozen or so enemies/hazards. At least an hour or so of gameplay is included. I'll go into greater depth of some things added:

  • Faith Meter - kill enemies and gather their guts to show your faith for your god. Once filled, you will be rewarded with an extra bit of health. Kill quicky though, or your faith will run out.
  • A very good start on Set 3 - every platformer needs a water world right? Mine is a bit different. The puddles and floods bring some platforming, dodging, and timing to an already intense game. Be ready to kill some shooty babies. 
  • Loooottttssss of spikes - a static hazard that will most defiantly punish you for falling off high platforms.
  • The Keeper for Set 2, Fat Bat - This keeper was really fun to design and really tied the entire set together. Fat Bat is the mother of the eyeball bats and she lays eggs all over the set. She also lays them during the fight, so watch out for that. Her eyes are the key to victory. Don't even bother shooting the rest of her mass. 

Next update will be all about Set 3 and the new things added. Thanks, see ya next time.


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Aug 03, 2017

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